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Your Dream Room

You did the research, searched online, picked paint samples, found the perfect color, painted your room, and let it cure – and then fingers crossed, you hoped your room would be beautiful.

Everybody does this, right?

Sometimes it’s the next day, or maybe a week or a month later, that you start to notice that the paint color changes during the day or your room decor looks off, you become disappointed and realize that you made a mistake.

Everybody has experienced this, right?

The most painful part is that you spent all this time and money to make this room beautiful, and now it’s a room that doesn’t make you happy.

Do you want to paint it all over again, or do you want to paint it right the first time?

“The number one mistake when choosing a paint color is not understanding the undertone of a color and how it relates to other colors.”

Let’s be honest; anybody can go to a paint store, pick a color and paint a wall. That’s easy. The truth is many people regret the paint they brought. Just google this keyword, help my paint is…., 17,600,000 results pull up with the same old story.

Together We Can Change That Story

Everybody has a story, we all have a journey in life, but sometimes we need help along the way to get to our destination, right?

Being a professional international color consultant is one thing, but painting several new colors on a GIANT 2x2 ft. sample board every week for 52 weeks out of the year and telling you about them on my YouTube channel, Instagram and blog is a different ball game.

Everyone has a smartphone; life is busy, I get it, convenience is important, so that’s why I created a mobile-friendly online E-Design store to give you proven results.

If you are serious about the interior of your home and you want a beautiful home like the ones that you see in magazines, then you are in the right place.

Get The Right Paint Color The First Time


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Get Your Color Kit

You pick the brand. Get 3 perfect colors. Why & how they work. No second guessing, problem solved.

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